Ishvari Yoga offers a variety of classes, including complete beginners, classic yoga, flow yoga and power yoga.

1-2-1 Tuition

Private yoga tuition can give you a personal introduction to yoga or develop your practise in the direction you wish to take it, developing more advanced asanas pranayama. Private tuition can be tailored to your personal requirements and can also be used to aid the recovery of an injury, surgery or other health complaints. Please contact us for more details.


These fully inclusive classes welcome students of all ages, shapes and sizes, no matter how unfit or inflexible you may be. This allows the perfect introduction to yoga. Adaptations and progressions are offered in every class to cater for both complete beginners whilst allowing progression for regularly attending students.

Classic Yoga

Classic Yoga also known as Hatha Yoga, the most common branch of Yoga. Postures, known as Asanas, are held for a number of breaths allowing students to improve mobility, strength, flexibilty, balance and focus.

Flow Yoga

Each of our flow teachers offer varying styles of flow yoga, from Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Jivamukti. These fast paced classes incorporate hatha yoga asanas with the use of breathwork to flow from one posture to the next.

Power Yoga

This exercise based flow yoga works on building internal heat, flexibility, core and full body strength.  Yoga asana variations are used in this vigorous fitness based approach to yoga 

Super Saturdays

Learn the difference between passive & active stretching whilst increasing strength stability and mobility with this specially curated class. This class combines yoga strength work with self trigger point and fascia release to improve posture limit or manage injuries and power up your practice.

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