The Studio @ Redricks Lake

The Studio @ Redricks Lake

The Studio at Redricks Lake is positioned to look over the beautiful lakes at Redricks Lane in Sawbridgeworth.  The natural surroundings and abundant wildlife give a perfect backdrop to your yoga practice.

All our yoga classes, bundles and memberships are valid for The Studios at both Ashfield’s and Redricks Lane, giving you more flexibility and giving access to even more yoga classes, teachers and yoga styles.


Memberships can be changed when your class requirements change so if you are going on holiday or away on business, your membership can be changed or frozen to accommodate your varying requirements.

Class Prices and Bundles​
Drop-in Class
valid for 30 days
4 for £40
valid for 90 days
10 for £90
valid for 90 days
Online Classes
Drop-in online
valid for 30 days
Unlimited online yoga 
valid for 30 days
Monthly Memberships​
All memberships are on a rolling month by month basis payable by direct debit
Weekly Class
4 studio classes per month
Unlimited Yoga
Unlimited studio classes
Unlimited Online Yoga£35
Unlimited Yoga + Unlimited Online
Unlimited studio classes
+ unlimited online classes

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